Cuba’s Popular Consultation Is Democratic, Cuban Ambassador Says

Managua, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) The popular consultation on the draft of the new Cuban Constitution is a broad, participative and democratic exercise, said on Friday the Cuban ambassador to Nicaragua, Juan Carlos Hernandez.

‘It is one of the most democratic processes any country can have in the world, because in every center of work, study, in every community this debate takes place,’ he said.

Hernandez recalled that from August 13 to November 15, the entire population gives its views on the draft constitution, including Cubans living in more than 120 countries.

During an interview with Radio 580, the Cuban diplomat commented that the Constitution, in force since 1976, needs to be updated according to the current conditions, in allusion to the economic and social model of Cuba.

‘It has been renovated in its majority, but I clarify, that does not mean a deviation from our principles, from what the Revolution has traditionally contributed and, above all, from socialism, which we Cubans decided and which was ratified from the first years of the Revolution,’ he said.

In the same way -Hernandez stressed- the project reaffirms the continuity of the revolutionary process and the leading role of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Among the new elements in the text, he highlighted the concept of the socialist rule of law and the new forms of property, such as personal and private, although he recalled that socialist property over the fundamental means of production is the main in society.

The mark kept for almost 60 years and the legacy of the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, are more present than ever, he assured.

The criteria issued by the Cubans will go to the National Assembly for the drafting of the Magna Carta to be submitted to an approval referendum.

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