Cuba’s Minister of Agriculture visits the US

Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, the Cuban Minister of Agriculture, will head a delegation that will visit the United States on June 3, after the US Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, invited them.

The agenda includes meetings with directors of the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce to continue discussions related to scientific exchange, as well as production and agricultural trade.

In Washington, Rodriguez Rollero will also meet with representatives of organizations supporting the lifting of the blockade and the normalization of relations with Cuba.

The Cuban delegation also plans to go to Iowa, where they will visit production and agricultural research sites.

According to a statement of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, the visit will boost cooperation in areas, such as scientific exchanges on animal and plant health, organic production, research related to the recovery of agricultural land, conservation management of soils and forests, and agricultural irrigation, among other issues.

The US Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, met with his Cuban counterpart for the first time last year to address the opportunities to increase trade in agricultural products despite the limitations imposed by the US embargo on the island.


Fresh Plaza, June 2, 2016

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