Cuba’s Informatics Association announces its National Conference

Cuba Informatics Association announces its National Conference

March 15 (Radio Rebelde) The Cuban Informatics Association will hold its National Conference next October to discuss key aspects in the development of the social youth organization like the approval of work policies and strategies.

During an encounter with the press, the Vice President of the entity, Maria Esther Alfonso explained that the conference will be held at the Convention Center in Havana where they will also analyze successes and deficiencies in its first two years.

They will dedicate a space for diffusion, debates and the approval of its regulations with the objective of enriching the entity with the creative contribution of its members, she said.

She added that there will be a group of commissions that will work on aspects related with ethics, internal structure, working programs, financing and budget in addition to awards and recognitions.

The Cuban Informatics Association was created on March 7th, 2016 and, according to Alfonso, gathers over 8 thousand professionals of information, automatic, electronic and communications technologies across the island.

Among its objectives is to satisfy, among others, the need to continue education and communication of its members and unite them on the social, cultural and economic project promoted by the Revolution.

Conceived as a civil society organization, the Informatics Association works in favor of bringing closer the benefits of the new information technologies to the population and contribute in order for intellectual heritage to work on the development of the country, said Alfonso.

The First Vice President of the association said that they are also directing part of their efforts to attract the professional sector currently abroad that are interested in becoming members and comply with the current migration law to support with the development and exportation of one of its main sources: human capital.

By Enrique Valdes Machin

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