Cuba´s example in the fight against Covid-19 stands out in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Jan 27 (Prensa Latina) Argentinian Lucía Coronel is currently proud of being one of those thousands of young graduates from the Latin American School of Medicine of Cuba (ELAM) and being able to replicate the values acquired during her years of studies.

In these times, in which she has put her capacity of a dedicated and self-sacrificing profession to the test, Lucía Coronel, from Santa Victoria Este, in the province of Salta, is currently working on an initiative to strengthen the first healthcare level in indigenous communities in the area.

Cuba continues to be an example of handling complex situations like the ones the world is going through nowadays. Those of us who were trained at ELAM to humbly replicate in each one of us the example of the Cuban public health. That´s our school and these are our values, Lucía Coronel told Prensa Latina via WhatsApp.

Hoping that one day all peoples of the region may have the health conditions that Cubans enjoy, Coronel pointed out that talking about the country that trained her as a health professional and its fight against the pandemic is to delve into a 100% public and free health system.

For those of us who know Cuba´s health system, it is not a surprise how this nation has faced and handled the pandemic. Cuba´s major objectives, since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, is to guarantee the right to health, for which it developed a primary healthcare-based system designed for its people’s needs, she said.

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