Cuba’s Culture Minister Highlights the Need for Achievement of Common Purposes

Havana, Jun 1 (Prensa Latina) Culture Minister Abel Prieto highlighted during a book launching in this capital the indispensable work in cultural promotion now is to achieve common purposes that move us forward.

Prieto exclusively told Prensa Latina that Cuba’s main challenges in the current field in terms of culture have to do with the number of training and management spaces.

‘I think one of the challenges is precisely the set of new places, which under state or non-state management forms, are spreading culture,’ he said.

I believe that the impact of technologies on dissemination and the need to find a platform to apply cultural policy coherently have also to do with that and have helped to spread our rich heritage in this sphere, the minister said.

Prieto stressed the need to make a serious alliance with teachers, public libraries and all those actors and communicators, first at the grass roots, and little by little, step by step at other levels.

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