Cuba’s Casa del Caribe to evoke its founder Joel James Figarola

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 24 (Prensa Latina) The 13th Joel James In Memoriam International Colloquium will take place in this city next January, under the auspices of the Casa del Caribe, founded by Joel James Figarola, also the architect of the annual Fiestas del Fuego.

From the 10th to the 13th, historians, anthropologists, promoters and other experts will meet to pay tribute to the relevant intellectual, who died in 2006 and created an intense essay and narrative work with dozens of books that revealed aspects of Cuban and Caribbean identities.

This edition will also pay tribute to the City Conservator’s Office for its work in transforming and preserving the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of the seventh villa founded by the Spaniards in the archipelago.

It will also focus on the 505th anniversary of the city, to be celebrated in July 2020, and traditional popular culture as the center of the institution’s work over more than 35 years.

The previous Colloquium was dedicated to popular festivals in Cuba and the region, with presentations and audiovisuals about the parrandas and the carnival of Santiago, declared a Cultural Heritage of the nation.

The International Festivals of the Caribbean, which began in 1981, have become a space of rapprochement and discovery of the peoples and cultures of this geographical area based on the concept of identity defended by James.


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