Cubans living in the US demand freedom to travel to Cuba

Alianza Martianaconvocan a acción en EE.UU. para defender viajes a la isla

Washington, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Alianza Martiana (Marti Alliance), which is made up of several organizations of Cuban immigrants in Miami, USA, convened today a caravan of cars on February 8 to demand the right to travel to Cuba without restrictions.

On other occasions, tens of members of this coalition organized similar initiatives to condemn the economic, commercial, and financial US blockade against Cuba for nearly 60 years.

‘Demand all your rights to travel to Cuba without restrictions and to see and help your family in Cuba also without restrictions,’ the Alliance said in a press release.

It said that the confirmed attendees to this event will gather at 11:00 local time on 12th Street between 95th and 97th Avenues in southwest Miami.

On January 11 and on subsequent occasions, Alianza Martiana condemned the suspension of public charter flights to different destinations on the island, except for Havana, from March 10.

For this coalition, this is a criminal measure, announced on January 10 in a statement by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo based on a request made to the Department of Transportation.

According to Pompeo, Washington will also limit the number of flights of this type that could arrive at Jose Marti’s International Airport in the Cuban capital.

The Donald Trump administration, determined to destroy the Cuban Revolution, canceled on December 10 all flights of US commercial airlines to places outside Havana.

That decision was very criticized because it affected families in both countries.


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