Cubans increasingly support measures to mitigate energy situation

Havana, Sep 17 (Prensa Latina) The series of measures applied in Cuba to face the current diesel shortage is gaining broader understanding among the population, the most affected by the tightening of the US commercial, financial and economic blockade.

Cubans continue to express their support for the measures adopted by the country’s leadership, which called for contributing to the saving of energy carriers, to mitigate the impact on society and maintain vitality in strategic areas of the economy and services.

Media reports offer anecdotes revealing gestures of solidarity that prove a positive, receptive and conscious attitude towards the country’s current situation among the population.

The implementation of unilateral measures by the US government has led to the withdrawal of some shipping companies that transport fuel to Cuba.

This scenario compels the adoption of short-term measures to minimize the impact on basic services to the population, enhance the saving of energy carriers and limit the use of fuel.

Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil explained that diesel consumption should be prioritized in public and cargo transport.

Temporarily reducing some productive operations that consume large amounts of diesel, centralizing the allocation of that fuel and reorganizing public transport are other key strategies, Gil added.


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