Cubans in the UK condemn US interference against Cuba

London, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Cubans residing in the United Kingdom on Friday condemned the US government interference in Cuba’s internal affairs, following recent events of counterrevolutionary provocation on the Caribbean country.

Cubans living in the UK assured in a statement that lately, Cuban television showed images of the direct participation of the US chargé d’affaires, Timothy Zuñiga, in the alleged hunger strike arranged by the known San Isidro Movement (MSI), which demanded the release of citizen Denis Solis.

The press release recalls that Solis was sanctioned for the crime of contempt to the authorities and publicly recognized his links with persons residing in the US who offered him payments for carrying out subversive actions in Cuba.

It also describes the protest of the members of the MSI as a fallacy, and denounces the sponsorship and financing by the US Congress, which each year allocates, the source affirms, around 30 million dollars to boost the alleged ‘democracy in Cuba.’

Cubans in the UK also accused the US administration of maintaining an indifferent and complicit attitude towards Cuban-Americans who incite youngsters living on Cuba to commit terrorist and subversive crimes in exchange for money.


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