Cubans in Ecuador Condemn Provocation at Summit of the Americas

Quito, Apr 13 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Cuban Residents in Ecuador (Acure) today condemned the presence of counterrevolutionary groups in the framework of the 8th Summit of the Americas being held in Lima, Peru.

For the Cuban organizations and youths, participating in that summit is a conquest won without either yielding to blackmails or betraying the ethical principles of Cuban society, one of the most democratic and humanistic, whose social system is fair, the executive of Acure stressed in a communiqué.

The association condemned the efforts by groups opposed to Cuba’s political process to usurp the space of the Cuban delegation and speak on behalf of the Cuban people.

The group also welcomed the strong rejection by Cuban delegates, who denounced the campaign of slander and discredit against the island nation.

‘There are Cubans all over the world, Cuba has been a country with a strong migratory trend, starting by the notorious emigration in the 19th century, organized by Apostle Jose Marti during the 1895 war, but one thing is to emigrate and another one is to justify it by betraying the land where we were born,’ the Acure underlined.

The association ratified that ‘in its condition of representative of Cuban patriots and revolutionaries who live in Ecuador,’ they join the dignified stance by the delegation and its denunciations.

‘We reject any efforts to use migration as a spearhead to attack our Homeland and turn emigrants into hostages of imperialist interests and of those who attack their own country. We are many more Cubans who defend and love our Homeland,’ the association stressed.

On Thursday, Cuba denounced the alignment by the Organization of American States (OAS) with counterrevolutionary mercenaries, and accused its leaders of promoting a double standard when speaking about democracy and tolerance.

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