Cubans Abroad Increasingly Interested in Constitutional Process

Havana, Sep 7 (Prensa Latina) The Director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad (DACCRE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Soberon, today highlighted the increasing participation of nationals outside Cuba in the discussion on the country’s Constitution Draft.

In his Twitter account, Soberon highlighted that almost a thousand proposals from 91 countries show the interest of those Cuban citizens in the development of their homeland’s society.

He also noted that, just one week after the start of the democratic exercise abroad, more than 2,300 visits from 91 countries have been confirmed by the website Nation and Emigration, of the Foreign Ministry, which receives several ideas, proposals and doubts from residents outside Cuba.

Previously, the diplomat said that the participation of Cubans living abroad in the discussions of the new constitution draft is considered an unprecedented event in the history of the Revolution.

He also said that the initiative helps strengthen the links between the island and its emigration, and corresponds to the process of updating the migration policy implemented in recent years.

The Foreign Ministry estimates that around 1,400,000 Cubans live in some 120 countries, of which only a minority defends the destruction of the Revolution and the return of the capitalist system prevailing before 1959.

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