(L-R): Carlos Zambrano, Director, Cuba Tourist Board; Teresa Rodriguez Chacon, Delegate, Cubanacan; Omar Cisneros Fuentes, Sales Manager, Cubanacan; Vladimir Vazquez Bohera, Director, Cubanacan; Victor Veloso P., Manager, Gran Club Santa Lucia

Cuba Tourist Board and Cubanacan present Santa Lucia, Camaguey

Yesterday evening at Le Treport Wedding & Convention Centre in Mississauga, the Cubanacan group presented Cuba’s lesser-known gem, Santa Lucia. Following cocktails and speeches in both Spanish and English, guests watched a ten-minute video presentation, then enjoyed dinner and entertainment by “Three from Havana,” a live music band from Havana, Cuba.

The night’s goal was to make travel agents aware of one of Cuba’s other destinations and showcase Santa Lucia as a ‘fantastic marine escape’ for the whole family. Santa Lucia is contains 27 meters of deep sea and 15 keys of beautiful coral reef, complete with bull sharks and other aquatic marvels.

This 21-kilometre stretch of beach includes 4 hotels, among them Hotel Club Amigo Mayanabo, Hotel Brisas Santa Lucia, Hotel Caracol and the Hotel Gran Club Santa Lucia. The area is defined by those who live there as a “delight to the senses.”

Founded in 1514, Santa Lucia is 110 kilometres from Camaguey city.  Camaguey itself is a picturesque town filled with colonial architecture, charming churches, quaint pottery shops and the home of Cuba’s second-largest ballet school.

Omar Cisneros Fuentes, Sales Manager for Cubanacan, expressed his love of Santa Lucia to TRAVELHotNews. He attributes the 40 percent repeat clientele to the absence of bad weather, the always-calm water and the ‘Santa Lucia People.’

“They are unlike any other,” he quipped.

Time to go back to ‘REAL’ Cuba

Susan Calcada, Product Trainer for Transat Holidays and Nolitours and former Santa Lucia resident, feels it might just be time to go back there. She lived in Santa Lucia for two years.

After communicating the lasting impression Santa Lucia left on her to the crowd she told TRAVELHotNews that “Once you go there you will fall in love with the place. It is not a huge resort. It is not like Varadero. It is quainter. It is more like ‘real’ Cuba. Santa Lucia is Cuban.”

What a wonderful world

Although the entertainment portion of the night was delayed slightly, Victor Veloso P., Manager of the Gran Club Santa Lucia, found no difficulty illustrating Santa Lucia’s vibrant nightlife, along with a demonstration of a few salsa steps of his own.

He told the crowd all about his hotel’s wonderful gardens, beautiful rooms and wonderful service.

“Everything is wonderful,” he chuckled.

Number of Canadians should keep growing

After the presentation TRAVELHotNews asked Carlos Zambrano, Director of Cuba Tourist Board what makes Camaguey so different from the rest of Cuba.

“We already have a few spots that are well known in Cuba,” Zambrano said. “We have to let the Canadian market know about the other spots.”

Lately, the Cuba Tourist Board has been doing a lot of presentations for the Canadian market, said Zambrano. “Most of the presentations provide general information about Cuba, and we now realize that everyone knows Cuba.”

“We get 600,000 Canadians traveling to Cuba every year,” he told TRAVELHotNews. “We want to keep that number growing.”

Lisa Raffaele, Pax News




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