Cuban Writer Defends Humanitarian Work of Cuban Doctors in Brazil

Brasilia, Aug 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, winner of the 2012 National Literature Prize, defended the humanitarian nature of the presence of his fellow countrymen in the More Doctors program, which treated more than 113 million Brazilian patients in the last five years.

I think the partnerships and exchanges between Brazil and Cuba are beneficial for both countries,’ Padura said during an interview with Forum magazine.

According to the author of ‘The Man Who Loved Dogs’ (2009), the arrival of a Cuban doctor to a remote community where there are no Brazilian doctors is an important humanitarian act.

He remarked that, ‘Those who deny this are rejecting such clear evidence against which there is no debate. On the other hand, Brazil had been undertaking economic projects in Cuba that help our country, but also benefit Brazil.’ 

Invited by the Brazilian publisher Boitempo, the Cuban writer, essayist and journalist held a wide program of presentations in Brazil, among them, the meeting called Escribir a Tiempo (Writing in Time), in Sao Paulo.

The gathering was led by Ricardo Lisias, a Brazilian writer who holds the 2008 Jabuti Award and was awarded the Sao Paulo Literature Award in 2010.

During the presentation of his book, ‘La Transparencia del Tiempo,’ before a large audience, with the presence of Cuban Consul Pedro Monzon and other diplomats from the island, Padura answered key questions that arise when writing his novels: Why and what do I write, what is the objective that I set out to achieve in my work, why do I want to tell a story and what do I want to tell? 


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