Cuban University Students Commit to Continue Fidel’s Legacy

“This 94th anniversary has a special connotation and we decided to dedicate it to (Fidel’s) eternal youth, of whose legacy we will continue,” said Bello.

University students in Cuba honored Fidel Castro Tuesday, during the ceremony to celebrate 94 years of the Federation of University Students in the city of Cienfuegos, and made an oath to defend the Cuban Revolution.

The event took place in the Jose Marti park, named after the Cuban leader, revolutionary and national hero. FEU President Jennifer Bello Martinez said the organization has to demonstrate to the world that they are true disciples of the work and legacy of Fidel.

“He always placed his confidence in university students, always debated any idea he had with university students because he knew that this is where the strength was in the revolutionary process,” said Bello.

According to Bello this was a special ceremony for the more than 130,000 students from higher education centers around the country.

“This 94th anniversary has a special connotation as the first without the presence of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, and we decided to dedicate it to his eternal youth, of whose legacy we will continue,” said Bello

Fernando de la Mora, president of the FEU for the Medical Science University, gave a speech, recalling the support that Fidel gave to students and how education became free for Cubans after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

“In this same park, Fidel marched side by side with students from Cienfuegos in November 1950, during a strike against the Ministry of Education before the revolution, and where he was first imprisoned for his revolutionary struggles,” he added.

De la Mora said this was the start of the organization’s journey towards its centennial anniversary to remember with other students, the main historical, economic, cultural, social and political achievements in the country.

The students who joined the ceremony chanted and supported the symbolical oath to defend socialism in the country and the ideals of the Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro.

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teleSUR, December 21, 2016


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