Cuban universities to promote reading projects

HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 19 (acn) Members of a project called “Leer Todos”, (Everyone Reads), of the University of Cienfuegos will make up a network of university this school year to promote reading aimed at looking to for ways to increase the healthy and educational habit.

Luis Orestes Oliva, Head of the Spanish-Literature Department told AIN News Agency that as part of the experiences of the last three years, conditions will be ready to extend the project to the rest of the country.

He added that universities linked to literature promotion and animation at the Conrado Benitez Pedagogic headquarters will share techniques not only understanding but to promote the enjoyment of reading.

The university professor said that this objective has a library with over 9 thousand books and close to one thousand others which will serve as a basis to extend the project.

He added that he also has the desire to turn Verso Amigo bulletin, know published in a small scale each month into a broader digital magazine in order to publish articles on the issue and other sections of interest.

Caridad Isabel Perez professor integrated to the promotion commented that under the sponsorship of the Conrado Benitez Cemter, three colloquiums have been carried out so far with the presence of presentations from several provinces favoring an exchange of experience.

Among some of the most important actions carried out by the members of”Leer Todos” are activities with young people from Cienfuegos in addition to children and family from the Mental Health Clinic and Pediatric Hospital.

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