Cuban Schools: In the Vanguard of Comprehensive Sexual Education

Havana, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) The school plays an essential role as a vanguard institution in the comprehensive education of sexuality, in its close relationship with the family and the community, stated today Cuban sexologist Mariela Castro.

In the context of the 8th Cuban Congress of Education, Orientation and Sexual Therapy, the also president of the event assured that this will be a favorable space for the scientific exchange of the population, with the presence of foreign participants who want to know the work of Cuba and share also their experiences.

In a dialogue with Prensa Latina, Castro emphasized sexual education as umbrellas that includes specific issues of sexual rights and comprehensive attention to sexuality.

In this regard, she highlighted the role of schools and their relationship with families to avoid situations of rejection or mistreatment of those who have characteristics that do not resemble heterosexuality and the rigid stereotypes of gender binarism (masculine and feminine), inherited from a strict thought of Western Europe.

The specialist said that the variety of expressions of gender and sexual orientation is an element of discrimination and rejection of children, teenagers and youngsters in the school context.

Hence, the sexual education school programs should focus on the quality of the preparation of educational personnel to ensure the correct social inclusion of these people.

The expert also said that the school is the center of attention because it is the most important institution in a community, with which professionals and organizations must collaborate.

We can not say that there is full satisfaction with the work done in schools, Castro commented, but we do trust in their potential to develop a sexual education program with better results than those obtained so far.

Regarding this issue is involved the 8th Cuban Congress of Education, Orientation and Sexual Therapy, which takes place in the Havana Convention Center until June 29, with the slogan ‘For schools at the Vanguard of comprehensive education of sexuality.’

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