Cuban Revolution represents a message of emancipation and resistance

Paris, Dec 31 (Prensa Latina) Just a few hours to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, French intellectual Salim Lamrani considered that this process maintains its universal message of emancipation and symbolizes the resistance of an entire people.

‘The Cuban Revolution represents the aspiration of the peoples of the South for dignity, that is to enjoy their natural rights, without offenses or humiliations from foreign interference,’ said the essayist, who despite his youth is a renowned expert of the Cuban reality and history.

According to Lamrani, Cuba demonstrates that it is possible in a context of extreme adversity, marked by the aggressiveness of the US government, to take collective possession of national resources and place the human being in the center of society.

The professor of the Reunion University, in the French overseas department of the same name, said that no country in the world has done so much for the traditionally poorer social sectors, guaranteeing their basic human rights, including education, health care, culture, sports and leisure.

What makes the greatness of a nation and what defines it is its action in favor of the dignity of the poor and dispossessed, he said.

Lamrani insisted on the example of resistance Cuba and its Revolution represent, being the target of hostility by successive US administrations.

The fact that Cuba is still standing despite the multiple attacks by the superpower is a real feat worthy of admiration.

Since President Donald Trump took office, he opened a new chapter of attacks aimed at isolating Cuba and suffocating it economically, the French intellectual noted.


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