Cuban residents in United States held national meeting in Washington DC

WASHINGTON, December 9, 2014. The House of Maryland  was the perfect venue to host the national meeting of Cubans resident in United States.  Near a hundred Cubans from differet states gathered to exchange with consular and diplomatic officials about issues of common interest.

The II National Meeting of Cubans Residents in the United States, with the presence of the Director of Consular Affairs and Cubans Resident Abroad at Cuban Chancery, Rafael Dausá Céspedes, analyzed the United States blockade and policy to Cuba and the need for a change of this policy; the permanent inclusion of Cuba in the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism and the role Cubans living in this nation can carry out  inthe solidarity to achieve the release of the three antiterrorist Cubans still imprisoned in US jails.

The participants also dialogued about US media and the role of the new techonologies in social networks; and Culture as the safeguard  of the national identity and the ties with the homeland.

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