Cuban residents in South Africa to condemn US blockade

Pretoria, Mar 26 (Prensa Latina) Members of the Association of Cuban Residents in South Africa (ACRSA) will demand this weekend that the United States lift the blockade against their homeland.

ACRSA President Cristina Florez Madan explained to Prensa Latina that the action will take place in support for the planned World Caravan against the Blockade, scheduled for March 27 and 28.

‘From South Africa, we Cuban residents and friends want to join the brave and urgent initiative (…) to demand the immediate end to the criminal and inhumane blockade to which Cuba has been subjected since 1962 by successive United States governments,’ says the ACRSA.

‘We want to demand that the United States comply with international law regarding non-interference in a sovereign country.’

‘By maintaining the blockade, Washington affects our commercial and financial transactions, as well sending aid to our relatives who live in Cuba,’ Florez argued.

‘The least we can do is to join this cause together with all the citizens of the world who are calling for an end to this criminal measure,’ she added.

‘We think that at this time more than ever, it is very important to unite and to let people know that we Cubans living in South Africa say No to the Blockade,’ she concluded.


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