Cuban President recalls events of July 26, 1953

Havana, jul 26 (Prensa Latina) On the occasion of the commemoration of the National Day of Rebellion, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called for a better society, as those who assaulted 67 years ago the country’s second military stronghold did.

In that way, the President recalled the events that took place on July 26, 1953, when a hundred combatants commanded by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, assaulted the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, while another group did the same on a military garrison in Bayamo, also in the east of Cuba.

Through his Twitter account, Diaz Canel sent a hug to the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, Raul Castro, Commander Ramiro Valdes and other combatants who participated in those actions.

‘It is a pride and an honor to defend the Homeland together with you. #SomosCuba. #SomosContinuidad,’ wrote the head of state in Twitter.

In another of his twits, he evoked a phrase by Fidel Castro in 1973 at a July 26 commemoration: ‘Duty must be fulfilled simply and naturally, Marti said. The fulfillment of a duty led us to this action without anyone thinking about the glories and honors of that struggle.’

In addition, the President stressed the need to work to move forward in the midst of today’s challenges with the same will as the heroes and martyrs of the combative actions 67 years ago.

‘Let us all work to make every day of the calendar a 26th, every month of the calendar a July, every commitment a victorious Moncada,’ he emphasized in a message accompanied by the label #SiempreEs26 (it is always 26).

Diaz-Canel also showed a photo where he is with his wife in front of the national flag, a sample of how Cubans commemorate this Sunday the national date from their homes or workplaces to maintain the necessary social distance that the Covid-19 pandemic requires.

This 2020, Cuba commemorates for the first time the Day of National Rebellion, without the traditional massive rallythat since 1959 has been carried out to pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs of that deed.

However, the date is not overlooked and Cubans from the social networks remember the events with allegorical messages that show the will to fight the present and future challenges.


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