Cuban President Led Vigil to Honor Fidel Castro

Havana, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) President Miguel Diaz-Canel attended the vigil held at Havana University to pay tribute to Fidel Castro on the second anniversary of his death, one of the many events celebrated across the island to remember the historical leader of the Cuban revolution.

Under the theme ‘Always Fidel’, the vigil last night at the steps leading to the University where Fidel studied and became a revolutionary was mostly attended by young men and women.

Addressing the huge crowd that gathered for the commemoration, the second secretary of the Young Communist Union (UJC), Ronald Hidalgo, said that during the two years since Fidel passed away, his statute has grown, his ideas have multiplied and his legacy has become ever more necessary.

Artists from several genres performed at the event to remember the late Cuban leader with songs, poems and dances. The tribute gala was followed up by a vigil at the nearby university stadium Juan Abrahantes that went on until the early hours of Sunday. Among other actions to remember Fidel, the UJC held voluntary work, workshops, photo exhibitions and the screening of documentary films.

The tribute to Fidel Castro goes on this Sunday in other provinces, like in Santiago de Cuba, where residents will come to Santa Ifigenia cemetery to lay flowers at the monolith in which the leader’s ashes are kept.

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