Cuban president highlights ties with Russia amid US hostility

Havana, Sep 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Thursday the existing ties with Russia amid the growing US hostility.

‘Amid so many difficulties, facing threats and imperial sanctions, we will make progress and strengthen our bilateral relations,’ the president posted on his Twitter account.

As part of efforts to strengthen the Havana-Moscow ties, Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas visits the Eurasian country in order to make the island an observer at the Eurasian Economic Union.

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan formed the Eurasian Economic Union. While countries such as Vietnam signed a free trade agreement with that regional entity, Cuba signed a memorandum of understanding with that body on May 21, 2018.

Cabrisas also holds meetings with Russian businessmen and political leaders as part of his stay in this country until September 29.

The event comes at a time when US President Donald Trump announced new measures against the Caribbean nation, included to ban US citizens from bringing home rum or cigars from Cuba, or staying in Cuban government-funded hotels.

Trump’s decisions were announced on Wednesday at the White House during a meeting with directors of the remnants of the 2506 mercenary brigade, which suffered a crushing defeat in Cuba during the failed invasion on Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs), in central Cuba, in April 1961.


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