Cuban president condemns political prosecution of regional leaders

Cuban president condemns political prosecution of regional leaders

Havana, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Wednesday condemned the political prosecution against popular leaders and former Presidents Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Evo Morales (Bolivia).

The Head of State wrote in Twitter that judicial decisions against Correa and Morales reveal the fear of the oligarchies of Ecuador and Bolivia.

Both were kept from participating as candidates of their political forces in forthcoming elections; In the case of Correa as candidate for the vice presidency (constitutionally he cannot compete for the presidency) by Alianza PAIS Movement, and Morales as a Senator.

On his Twitter account, Correa said on Tuesday that the decision to sentence him to eight years in prison on bribery will not be sustained over time, and was timely issued to prevent him from running

For Morales, the Jeanine Añez regime (resulting from a coup d’Etat against the Movement towards Socialism, led by the former president) plans another coup against democracy in Bolivia, a country rich in lithium and other valuable minerals, gas and oil.


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