Cuban Pineapple Growers Committed to Increase Export

Ciego de Avila, Cuba, May 10 (Prensa Latina) The pineapple growers of the Cuban central province of Ciego de Avila have the commitment to increase export of variety MD2 to overcome the 1,200-ton rank of fresh pineapple sent to Europe.

Prensa Latina was reported by expert Ovidio Valdes that the period of best crops is between April and July, and they expect to increase production in this period.

Pineapple is cultivated in Ciego de Avila. It has a high demand in markets in Spain, Italy and France because of its exquisite quality.

Pineapple is a quite ecological fruit, it does not need chemical substances for its cultivation.

Pineapple requires strict compliance with the technological package, from the preparation of the soils, selection of the posture, cultural attention to the planting, until the harvest, to obtain a quality fruit, Valdes said.

He specified that the pineapple destined for export is carefully taken from the field to the profit center, where it is classified according to its size, acidity and homogeneous color and packed in a safe case so that it arrives with optimum quality at its final destination.

The MD-2 is certified with the Global Gap international standard for application in the area of good agroecological practices, which implies quality in production and being in harmony with the environment, said Yunieski Lobaina, specialist in the subject.

He stated that the unit is recognized by the Cuban Ministry of Science Technology and Environment as Integral Management Center, advised by the German firm Bayer, due to compliance with the standards to achieve food safety, which in this case is the pineapple.

This province is the only one in Cuba that promotes the MD2 pineapple, a very productive variety, although the most widespread in the territory is the Spanish Red, as it is more resistant to climate change and requires fewer inputs.

The unit has exported more than 3,600 tons of pineapple to the European Union. Distant about 430 kilometers east of Havana, Ciego de Avila has more than a hundred years of experience in pineapple production, with ups and downs in its harvest plans, however, today it shows stability due to the introduction of modern technologies.

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