Cuban pianist represents classical music in Italian festival

Havana, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) Cuban pianist Marcos Madrigal will be the only representative of classical music in the Rapsodia Underground concert season, slate for Naples, Italy, according to the artist’s communication team.

His performance, which includes a repertoire of Latin American composers, is entitled ‘Classic Suggestions of Latin America’ and will be held in January 28th, at the Naple Assoli Room.

The recital will include works by Cuban composers including Ernesto Lecuona, Jose Maria Vitier, Aldo Lopez Gavilan; the Venezuelan Moises Moleiro; Argentine Alberto Ginasteras; Mexican Manuel Ponce, among others.

‘I think it is the Latin American pianists´ mission to make known to the world the classic work of Latin America. That is why I am very pleased that these composers´ repertoire is the one that must be heard in this more alternative or less standard season,’ Madrigal said.

This presentation will mark his return to the European stages, after his performance in the third edition of the Classic Havana Festival, which has been hosted in Cuba from November 10 to 24.

After this gig, Madrigal will continue his work schedule in Europe with his four-album premiere and the organization of the Itinerant Classic Havana season to have recitals in Havana and a great number of European cities.


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