Cuban pediatricians fight Covid-19 in Botswana

Gaborone, Mar 14 (Prensa Latina) Despite the cultural and language barriers faced in Botswana, Cuban doctors working in the country fight daily to minimize the local impact of Covid-19.

Official figures published by the government show that by mid-March the country had accumulated 31,719 confirmed cases of Covid-19, as well as lamented the death of 424 citizens, all in a population just exceeding two million inhabitants.

In this particular scenario the Cuban Medical Brigade fights to make a difference, according to what members of that contingent told Prensa Latina.

Among them are three Cuban pediatricians treating kids who, for the most part, got the infection from their parents, and from the clinical point of view, this is an additional challenge, since they have no symptoms or very few symptoms present in other common conditions.

They are Lina Jaqueline Castillo Plasencia, who works at the Athlone Hospital, in the Lobatse District, in the southeast of the country, and Evis Johnson Montero and Reyna Norka Borrero, who provide their services at the Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital, in Ngamilandia, a district located in the North.


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