Cuban Parliament Urges Massive Electoral Participation

Havana, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) Parliament President, Esteban Lazo, has called his fellow citizens today to participate massively and responsibly in the general elections, the first stage of which will elect the members of the municipal assemblies.

Through a message published by Granma newspaper, some few hours of the beginning of that process, the president of the Legislative highlighted the meaning of the civic act that will allow to choose the most capable, committed and sensitized ones with the problems of their community, and strengthen the exercise of socialist democracy in the island.

We are few citizens of the world who propose and nominate openly and directly the candidates for constituency delegates in public meetings, in a demonstration of deep democracy and enormous responsibility, Lazo said in the communication.

He also pointed out that those elected will join the municipal assemblies, where important decisions are taken about the lives of the inhabitants of the territory, such as the approval and control of the economic-social plans and local budget, among many others.

According to the Cuban Constitution, the constituency delegates make up 50 percent of the Provincial and National Assembly, and they will be elected for the highest positions in those entities, he recalled.

According to the call for the general elections, released on June 14, the first round of elections will be held on October 22 to elect the delegates to the Municipal People’s Power Assemblies for two and a half years.

In those constituencies in which no candidate obtains more than 50 percent of the valid votes cast, a runoff will take place on October 29.

Subsequently, the delegates to the provincial assemblies and the legislators of the Parliament will be elected for a five-year period.


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