Cuban Parliament Approves Working Committees

Havana, Jun 2 (Prensa Latina) The National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba formed today permanent working commissions in this capital, with the aim of analyzing, making viable and solving the problems of the country.

With the presence of the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, Raul Castro, and President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the first extraordinary session of Parliament was held at the Convention Center during its 9th Legislature.

The permanent working commissions have among their functions to assistant the Parliament and the Council of State in the supervision of State and government institutions, as well as the preparation of laws and judgments.

The president of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba, Esteban Lazo, explained that the 10 groups which already exist will be maintained due to the positive results of their work.

These will be made up of 380 lawmakers, 62 percent of the legislature, and those who do not belong to them will carry out other tasks so that everyone can participate in the parliamentary life of the Caribbean nation, Lazo remarked.

Each commission – he said – will be made up of 30 or 35 legislators, of whom 57 percent will be women.

82.8 percent have a higher level of education and 17.1 percent have a medium level of education, Lazo added, who indicated 42 percent are black and mixed-race.

The standing working committees will also include 62 young people up to the age of 35 in this category, and 36 parliamentarians will assume the responsibilities of chairpersons, vice-chairpersons and secretaries of these committees.

Regarding the standing committees, the following were agreed: Agrifood, Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Economic Affairs, Childcare and Equal Rights for Women, Services, National Defense, Education, Culture, Science, Technology and the Environment, Industry, Construction and Energy, International Relations and Health and Sport.

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