Cuban opera performs in United States

Cuban opera performs in United States

Feb 17 (Radio Rebelde) The amazing building of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts will host, February 13-15, the Caribbean version of the opera The Clemency of Tito, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The award-winning work, which has been warmly received by Cuban specialized critics, will be made accessible to the American audience, which has a long tradition in this genre. Precisely, the artists will have before them the challenge of delivering, in a challenging scenario, a performance that integrates not only diverse artistic manifestations, but also originally European codes that have been seen through the Cuban perspective.

This occasion will mark the return of the El Publico Theater and several musicians from the Lyceum to Washington DC, and comes after the acclaimed Artes de Cuba Festival, held in 2018 at the same Kennedy Center.

The prestigious cultural institution, on the banks of the Potomac River and a few meters from the Watergate complex, is home to the National Symphony Orchestra and the National Opera of Washington. The creative activity carried out there is very extensive, with thousands of performances a year.
The Eisenhower Theater will be hosting the Cuban artists on this occasion.

“For us it is a challenge … We are very happy to be in a place where a good opera is made. We bring a Cuban version (…), which means we are taking certain risks, because we are going to see what the more traditional audience says when they see we have mixed a little bit of Cuban music with the original Mozart music and on the other hand we have included dance,” Ulises Hernandez, the director of the opera, said.

The presentation of talented artists on a renowned stage predicts memorable nights.

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