Cuban MP Condemns US Subversive Escalation

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Havana, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Member of Parliament Alberto Núñez repudiated today the creation by the US government of a task force related to the Internet on the island, which he described as an unconventional form of warfare.

‘As a deputy of the National Assembly (of the People’s Power) I condemn this policy, away from civilization and good neighborliness between countries. This is part of the attempts of destabilization that have always been practiced against Cuba by successive US administrations,’ he told Prensa Latina.

The secretary of the Commission of International Relations of the parliament fixed his position on the announcement this week by the Department of State of the call to a group in charge of ‘promoting the free flow of information’ and ‘expanding access to the Internet and the independent media’ in the Caribbean nation.

We see that the US empire does not stop in its eagerness to subvert internal order on the island, which we have already faced and defeated before, he warned.

In that sense, Núñez recalled the subversive initiatives Piramideo and ZunZuneo, organized by the United States in the last decade with the use of new information and communication technologies as the spearhead.

According to the deputy, Washington argues that the Cuban government has not provided conditions for Internet access, thereby deliberately ignoring the impact of the economic, commercial and financial blockade on the use of the network of networks.

Cuba has made an effort amid the limitations of the economic siege imposed by the United States, and important steps have already been taken in the computerization of society, which is still working, he said.

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