Cuban Medical Team celebrating 20 Years of Work in Guatemala

By Maitte Marrero Canda, Guatemala, May 30 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Medical Brigade in Guatemala celebrates today 20 years of uninterrupted work in this Central American country, after the arrival of the first doctors to deal with the damage caused by Hurricane Mitch.

Paradoxically, it was a disaster what brought the Cuban and the Guatemalan people closer, which today sees as something daily the presence of the army of white coats in the most remote places of its geography.

In a ceremony to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Cuban medical collaboration towards the peoples of the Third World, the head of the Mission here, Yuri Batista, highlighted the main indicators of life that have allowed Guatemala to advance in a sector traditionally postponed, especially for the indigenous people, immersed in poverty.

Batista stated that in these years there have been almost 43,000 medical consultations, 395,000 surgeries and about 330,000 people were saved.

Among the programs with the greatest impact, Operation Miracle stood out, through which the vision has been conserved or returned to more than 178,000 Guatemalans and other nearby countries, condemned until then to blindness.

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