Cuban medical brigade´s humanitarian work praised in Argentina

Cuban medical brigade´s humanitarian work praised in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) The Henry Reeve medical brigade´s humanitarian works, increased amid the Covid-19 pandemic, was praised on Monday in a lengthy editorial on the Página 12 newspaper.

One day after the closing of the presentation of candidates for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, for which many nations and world personalities proposed the Cuban doctors, the Argentine newspaper described the Medical Brigade as a real symbol, which has provided medical aid to more than 45 nations for 15 years.

‘A Cuba´s symbol goes for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize’. It is the title written by journalist Gustavo Veiga, who said how amid pandemic times many proposals have been sent from Germany, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Argentina and Belgium, among others nations, in order to award the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade.

The journalist recalled that the Cuban doctors have been providing medical aid for 15 years, and, at a turning point like the current one –reporting 2.2 million deaths and over 100 million Covid-19 infected people globally– still make authoritarian governments wary.

This medical brigade was praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017 for its efforts and works on emergencies and severe pandemics, Gustavo Veiga added.

When delving into the Cuban doctors´ humanitarian contribution amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Gustavo Veiga recalled that, up to 2020, as many as 9,000 health workers have joined their missions, providing medical aid to some four million people and saving over 89,000 lives in 46 countries and five territories without autonomy.


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