Cuban Medical Brigade to Step-up Medical Services in Kenya

Havana, Jun 8 (Prensa Latina) A brigade of 101 Cuban doctors arrived in Kenya to strengthen the health system of that African nation, informed the website of the Caribbean island’s foreign ministry.

The arrival of physicians to that country is considered an unprecedented fact in the history of bilateral ties, and is the result of the official visit made to the Greater Antilles by the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, in March 2018.

This contingent is composed of 101 experts from different specialties, said the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Diplomatic links between Cuba and Kenya were established on October 19, 1995.

In 2002, the Cuban diplomatic mission was opened in the African country.

The Kenyan Embassy in Havana was officially inaugurated in March of this year, during the official visit the Kenyan president made to the island.

Cuba maintains diplomatic relations with the 54 countries of Africa and has 32 embassies in that territory, while 25 countries have missions established on the island.

Currently, about 5,000 Cuban collaborators provide services in the African continent in different areas.

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