Cuban medical brigade reinforces assistance in western Venezuela

Caracas, June 17 (Prensa Latina) A multidisciplinary team from the Cuban medical mission left Wednesday for the western state of Zulia to reinforce intensive care services in the face of the largest community Covid-19 infection in Venezuela.

The 51-collaborator group, including critical care physicians, nurses, clinical lab personnel, imaging and electromedicine, make up the fourth brigade of Ernesto Guevara medical contingent created to assist the places most affected by the pandemic in Venezuela.

During the farewell of Cuban medical collaborators at Simon Bolivar international airport, in Maiquetia, the head of the office of Cuban missions in Venezuela, Julio Cesar Garcia, highlighted the professionalism and commitment of the Cuban doctors to save lives.

‘It is an elite brigade within health, which complements the main medical assistance cycle in Zulia to reinforce the treatment and application of medical protocols to moderate, severe and critical cases there,’ Julio Cesar stressed.

He recognized the measures taken by President Nicolas Maduro to contain the disease and described the confrontation with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as successful, thanks to early and effective multifactorial work of the Cuban medical mission with the Ministry of Health of Venezuela.


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