Cuban Medical Brigade in Namibia Holds Scientific Event

Windohek, Jan 20 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban medical brigade in Namibia held a scientific event to review the cases treated by them, analyze the experiences with some patients, solutions to concrete problems and the collection of data, the Cuban Embassy reported today.

According to the press release from the Cuban mission here, Namibian Deputy Health and Social Services Minister Juliet Kavetuna, Cuban professionals representing their colleagues based in different regions of this State and a group of Cuban diplomats led by Ambassador Giraldo Mazola participated in the 21st Scientific Event.

High-quality research, interest in the issues discussed and their conclusions were made known during this meeting, the report said.

Deputy Minister Kavetuna thanked the invitation to participate in the meeting, and highlighted the works discussed, and urged the Cuban doctors to continue being creative and innovative to support the healthcare system of Namibia.

For his part, Ambassador Mazola praised the rigor of the papers presented at the event and the English language skills of the physicians. He also stressed the importance of the work they do in each of the health centers where they provide their services.

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