Cuban Medical Brigade in Italy sends message of confidence

Rome, Mar 25 (Prensa Latina) Trust us, we all will return to the homeland after fulfilling our duty, said the head of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Italy, Carlos Perez, in a message published by the Cuban Embassy in Rome on Wednesday.

In a video to the peoples of Cuba and Italy and shared on Facebook by Cuban Ambassador Jose Carlos Rodriguez, the physician expressed the certainty that ‘we all will return well, for which purpose we are taking good care of us and of our team’. He added that ‘we all return to the homeland after fulfilling our duty’.

Dr. Perez told the Italian people, ‘We will be strong for as long as necessary to help fight this epidemic’. He repeated the Cuban team’s gratitude for ‘the hospitality received here and people’s warmth’.

The campaign hospital where the Cuban Brigade was inaugurated on Tuesday in the city of Crema, in Cremona province, Lombardy, where the largest number of Covid-19 patients in Italy has been reported.


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