Cuban Leinier Dominguez Eighth in World Blitz Chess

Doha, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Grand Master Leinier Dominguez is now in the 8th place after the first day of the World Blitz Chess Championship.

Dominguez closed Wednesday in the 10th place in rapid matches (25 minutes plus 10 seconds a move) and closed the first day for the Blitz mode with 6 victories, 4 ties and 2 defeats.

In the matches with three minutes a move, and two bonus minutes Dominguez beat German Falko Bindrich, French Laurent Fressinet, Ukrainians Vladimir Onischuk and Olexandr Bortnyk, Greek Hristos Banikas and Croatian Zdenko Kozul.

He tied matches with World Champ Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Arkadij Naiditsch (Azerbaidzhan), Ukrianian Vassily Ivanchuk and Russian Alexander Morosevich.

He lost his matches against Russian Daniil Dubov and Polish Radoslaw Wojtaszek, one after the other.

With that performance he accumulates eight points, in a lid headed by Russian Sergey Karjakin, with 10 points, with a better break than Carlsen, and Dubov comes third (8.5).

In the women’s competition the Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk is the leader, with 7.5 of nine possible points, escorted by Chinese Wenjun Ju (7.0) and Indian Harika Dronavalli (6.5).

The male competition will conclude Friday, and is scheduled for 21 rounds with more than 100 players that will clash for the Swiss system, while in the ladies, there will be 17 matches between 34 contestants.


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