Cuban Largest Producing Sugar Mill Having a Great Harvest

Las Tunas.- The sugar harvest in Las Tunas province undergoes a resuscitation process with the response given by Antonio Guiteras sugar mill, which so far this month grinds above planned levels and achieves efficiency values higher than those reached on December and January.

The contribution provided in the last 14 days by this entity located at Puerto Padre municipality has been decisive as the territory has reduced to 515 the tons pending to be up to date in the current harvest.

At this stage, the ground and potential yield of sugar cane behaved at 83 and 96 percent, respectively, thus showing a recovery of this factory, responsible for processing 60 percent of the sugar that Las Tunas must deliver to the national harvest.

The workers of this sugar mill, largest producer of sugar in Cuba in several seasons, have succeeded in stabilizing the producing process through the application of organizational measures in the industry itself and in the supplying areas.

The three other sugar mills of the province, Majibacoa, Amancio Rodríguez and Colombia, show different yields in meeting their producing plans as the latter hasn’t start operating yet and the Majibacoa seems to be the first in achieving its goal, while the second of them continues with a poor yielding. (acn), February 15, 2017

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