Cuban international panels join progressive voices in Latin America

Havana, Oct 19 (Prensa Latina) The Network in Defense of Humankind and the Ministry of Culture have opened a debate on Cuba’s transcendence in the international arena.

The meetings, being held virtually in the context of the Day of Cuban Culture, bring together progressive voices from 15 Latin American countries.

The list of intellectuals is headed by Argentinean Culture Minister Tristan Bauer (a moviemaker), Telesur President and Colombian Journalist Patricia Villegas, and US activist and co-director of the Network of Solidarity with Cuba in the United States.

Other intellectuals in the group are Brazilian writer and theologian Frei Betto, as well as his fellow countrymen Leonardo Boff, Fernando Morais and Marilia Guimaraes, and Carmen Bohorquez (Venezuela), Luis Hernández (Mexico), Irene Leon (Ecuador) and Marcos Roitman (Chile/España).

The negotiating table will also include Israel Rojas, Enrique Ubieta and Iroel Sanchez (Cuba), who will discuss Cuba’s presence in the media environment and social network during the visit.

The online panels will broadcast live on the official website of the Facebook account of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba and the Cuba streaming chain, starting at 10:00 hours local time.


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