Cuban Heroes Dedicate 2018 CLACSO Award to Fidel Castro

Buenos Aires, Nov 20 (PL) Cuban Heroes, Ramon Labañino and Gerardo Hernandez, were honored in Buenos Aires with the award given by the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), which they dedicated especially to the greatest leader of Cubans: Fidel Castro.

During an evening held on Monday, marked by emotions, Gerardo was the first to go on stage at the Ferro Stadium, where the 1st World Forum on Critical Thinking of the 8th Conference of CLACSO takes place, and between applause he honored the Commander-in-Chief of the Cubans.

Under speeches by hundreds of people shouting Cuba, Cuba, Cuba, the people greet you, he recalled that he spent 16 years in U.S. prisons condemned to two life sentences plus 15 years for fighting violent actions of the ancient anti-Cuban rightwing and many believed that his freedom and that of his four brothers was a miracle.

Our freedom was a miracle done only with struggle, unity and resistance, the case of the Cuban Five -as they were known worldwide- shows that when we unite we achieve great things, Gerardo said.

Excited, he dedicated the award to those who with aid and solidarity supported this cause and very especially, Fidel Castro, ‘someone who died two years ago, someone who when the darkest night was for us promised the Cuban people that we would return and fought until we returned to the homeland, he said.’

Also grateful and moved to deserve this recognition in honor of them and their other three companions (Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez), Ramon Labañino pointed out that he received it on behalf of his people and dedicated it to the greatest of all Cubans, Fidel Castro.

Other personalities were also awarded during the evening, among them the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, Estela de Carlotto, and former Colombian presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro.

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