Cuban Health Ministry launches Twitter Campaign

Havana, Sep 10 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Public Health Ministry launched a Twitter campaign this Tuesday from 10:00 am local time, with the purpose of challenging the media campaign against the island’s medical cooperation efforts in over 60 countries of the world.

The Ministry on its official Twitter account yesterday reiterated support for the work of its collaborators posted abroad, using the hastag #CubaPorLaSalud (#CubaForHealth), and invited Twitter users to tweet their own messages of support today.

Recently, President Miguel Diaz-Canel highlighted on Twitter the efforts made by Cuban health workers in several latitudes, given the intensification of the Trump administration’s campaign to distort this solidarity carried out by the Cuban Revolution since the 1960s.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned US attacks through a program aimed at financing actions and seeking information to discredit and sabotage Cuba’s international cooperation.

‘The focus of this immoral slander is to claim, without any basis, that Cuba incurs in human trafficking or the practice of slavery, with the aim of denigrating the meritorious work that hundreds of thousands of Cuban health professionals and technicians have voluntarily developed throughout our history in several countries,’ the Foreign Ministry noted in a statement released in August.

Likewise, the document describes access to health as a human right and denounces as criminal the US attempt to deny or hinder these efforts.

Since the 1960s, over 400,000 doctors and other workers in the sector have offered their services in 164 countries, mainly in the Third World, in response to natural disasters or through collaboration agreements with other governments.


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