Cuban group of freelancers work for society’s sake

Havana, Apr 11 (Prensa Latina) Soluciones Espiral’s Cuban freelancers’ group aims at creating projects in the field of computing, electronics, telecommunications and automation.

In statements to Negocios en Cuba, one of its members, Abel Bermejo, a graduate in Computer Science, noted that one of the group’s main motivations is the possibility of substituting imports in those areas.

The proposed contribution, he clarified, is not only to dispense with certain raw materials acquired abroad, but also the capacity to provide key technological know-how and technical advice which, in turn, generate considerable expenditures.

Our concept, Bermejo revealed, is the creation of prototypes for further industrial development.

He said it is about comprehensive technology solutions ranging from the required automation and transmission -if necessary- to computerization to achieve control in a control panel or in a mobile device.

Along with several specialists, such as Ariel Hernandez and Abel Barrientos, the group has gathered over ten members, although, depending on the needs, they can hire other people.

rly/omr/Negocios en Cuba

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