Cuban government focuses on people’s wellbeing

Photo: Presidency of Cuba

Havana, Oct 16 (Prensa Latina) Vice President of the Republic Salvador Valdes ratified on Tuesday that Cuban government efforts are focused on satyisfying the people’s needs and, therefore, on continuing to advance towards a prosperous socialist society.

In statements on the Mesa Redonda program, broadcast by Cuban state television, Valdes forecast the positive impact of new measures related to domestic trade on local industry and the revival of manufacturing.

He noted that these initiatives and others that are being studied are being implemented to counter the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade and work for the country’s development.

The vice president recalled that in the last few months, when Cuba has faced fuel shortages due to White House pressures on oil suppliers, numerous measures have been taken to maintain basic services and prevent the country from coming to a standstill.

Valdes thanked the Cuban people for their support to face and overcome limitations.

He pointed out that Cuba will continue to consolidate unity to resist the aggressiveness of the United States in its intention to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

Previously, Valdes noted that the new measures announced linked to domestic trade aim to boost the national industry and make progress in the country’s development.

He informed that these actions seek to organize imports and the introduction of goods for non-commercial purposes.

Valdes explained that tariff subsidies and exemptions will be granted for the import of raw materials and supplies, prioritizing those to be used for domestic production, and basic and highly-demanded goods.

The measure applies to imports by shopping chains and commercial entities, thus reducing costs and retail prices, Valdes pointed out.

Import services will be rendered through companies appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment to individuals in freely convertible currencies, he explained.

Another measure is the consignment of goods on commission to foster their delivery by import companies to individuals, the vice president explained.

Multi-brand spare parts and accessories will be commercialized through the State-owned firm Zaza and other companies.

The vice president noted that in order to approve these measures, an intergovernmental commission made up of 14 bodies of the Central State Administration was set up, with support from experts in domestic and foreign trade, and other authorities.


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