Cuban Foreign Minister thanks international support against blockade

Havana, April 1 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, thanked today the people, institutions and governments that from different latitudes have expressed their support for the end of the U.S. blockade against the island.

‘I am grateful for the many voices in the U.S. and from different parts of the world demanding, in the midst of Covid-19, the lifting of the blockade against Cuba,’ the foreign minister wrote in his Twitter account.

Rodriguez called this policy genocidal, because it causes severe economic and humanitarian damage to the country and violates the human rights of an entire people.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently called for an end to the unilateral coercive measures imposed on several countries to guarantee access to food, health supplies and assistance in the face of the pandemic.

Also from the UN, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, asked the United States to lift the sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, among others.

‘At this crucial time, for reasons of public health and to protect the rights and lives of millions of people in those countries, the sectorial sanctions should be eased or lifted,’ she said in an official note.

The Church World Service (CWS) and a group of US economists also called for an end to these policies, which they described as ‘immoral and illegal’.

Cubans living in the European Union also asked the leaders of that regional group to intercede so that the blockade maintained by the U.S. government against the island be lifted.

Under the current conditions, it is doubly genocidal to maintain the coercive measures against Cuba, they denounced in an open letter released in London.


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