Cuban Foreign Minister received prominent U.S. activist

Havana, Dec 18 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez received on Tuesday the executive director of the National Association of Newspaper Publishers of the United States (NNPA), Benjamin Chavis.

The head of Foreign Relations published on Twitter a photo of the meeting at the headquarters of the Cuban Foreign Ministry with the activist and recognized defender of civil rights.

Rodriguez said on that social network that Chavis ratified the commitment of the American people, particularly African- Americans, with the ties between the two countries and against the blockade.

The activist was an assistant to Rev. Martin Luther King in his youth and is in favor of solidarity between African-Americans and Cubans, as he once declared to the correspondent of Prensa Latina in Washington.

The NNPA is a trade association of over 200 community newspapers owned by African Americans throughout the country that identifies itself as the voice of the black community, according to its website.

On, its public news website, spreads the untold stories of the black community in the United States and the black diaspora worldwide, adds that source.

The organization brings together 218 newspapers around the northern nation aimed at the African-American community, which reaches 49 million people weekly in print, and a higher number on digital platforms.

The goal of the NNPA, an association created in 1940 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and based in Washington, is to publish truthfully issues related to the struggle for freedom, justice and equality.


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