Cuban Foreign Minister Answers US Vice President Back at Americas Summit

Lima, Apr 14 (Prensa Latina) In answering back US Vice President Michael Pence at the Lima Summit of the Americas, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez held Washington responsible for brutal events that have shocked the hemisphere.

The moral vacuum of the US Government cannot be a reference for Latin America and the Caribbean, he insisted in replying back to Pence whom he said concealed the truth in insulting Cuba.

Rodriguez also accused the US Vice President of denigrating Venezuela and its President Nicolas Maduro when he was not there to have the chance to answer because he was denied his right to attend the Summit.

In his speech to the closing plenary of the 8th Summit of the Americas, Pence virulently attack Cuba alleging the island is ruled by a undemocratic government that does not respect the state of law and does not care for its people, just like in Venezuela.

‘It’s not democratic to attack Venezuela and mention President Nicolas Maduro when he was excluded and is not here to answer you,’ stressed the Cuban Foreign Minister, accusing Washington of resorting to the Monroe Doctrine (1823) to subdue Latin American governments.

In the past 100 years US rulers -he continued- ‘carry the brunt for the most brutal abuses of human rights’ committed in the hemisphere.

All the despotic governments in the region without exception were imposed or were backed by the US, including cruel military dictatorships, the FM stressed referring to Operation Condor or the bloody military coup in Chile.

Rodriguez recalled the US has been the only country to use the nuclear weapon against innocent civilians and is responsible for criminal wars and the death of thousands of civilians it calls collateral damage.

In his strong reply, the Cuban Minister accused Washington of acts of torture, forced disappearances, extra judicial executions, kidnappings and of flagrantly violating the human rights of Afro-Americans, Hispanics, migrants and minorities.

Rodriguez said that in Cuba ‘We will not back down in our goal of building socialism,’ pointing out that if Pence’s administration was really interested on the well being of the Cuban people, it should begin by lifting the criminal blockade imposed more than 55 years ago.

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