Cuban FM Stresses Democratic Nature of Elections

Havana, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno Rodríguez, assured today that this country”s elections are an extraordinarily democratic event.

After casting his vote in a polling station of the capital’s municipality of Playa, the minister told the press that the elections in the island are distinguished by the participation of the people without the intervention of transnational corporations, without money rolling, without politicking or manipulation of votes nor the political conduct of persons.

Rodriguez added in Cuban elections there are no fierce battles between candidates, division, fragmentation is not incentivized nor is hatred.

On the contrary, he assured, it is the genuine expression of the people’s will on the direction to follow, on the election of people of which way to go, the election of persons who, with vocation of serving, will work for an ideal of nation and will mark the direction for Cuban socialism to be more efficient, democratic and just.

However, the minister commented that international rightwing media will surely attempt to tarnish the image of Cuba despite evidence proven this day of a participatory and democratic process.

Rodriguez stressed that it is the Cuban people who freely nominated the candidates since the first stage of elections (when the delegates to municipal assemblies of the People’s Power were elected).

Deputies to the National Assembly that are elected today will make up the candidacy to the State Council, whose members will be determined by secret and direct vote, in ballots of the own legislative organ, he recalled.

According to the FM, at that moment there will exist a balance between renewal and continuity.

Rodriguez added that the new National Assembly will face the challenge of carrying the country forward in a process of economic transformations and implementing the Cuban development model.

“We are aware of our difficulties, shortages and a difficult context, but we have that unique instrument in the world that is the People’s Power to carry on a program with a wide sensde of unity and a model ever more just.”

On this day, over eight million Cubans are summoned to the polling stations to elect the deputies of the National Assembly of the People’s Power (parliament) and the delegates to the provincial level.

To that end we set up 24 thousand 470 polling stations throughout the country, which opened at 7:00 local time and will keep on receiving electors until 18:00 hours.

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