Cuban Film El Acompañante also Seduces in Caracas

Caracas, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) While the film El Acompañante (The Companion) has great acceptance in Havana, its release in Caracas also leaves a good taste among those attending the 9th Latin American Film Festival in Venezuela.

It happened yesterday at the premiere of the Cuban film The Companion at the Trasnocho Cultural, located east of Caracas.

This is a film that moves the feelings, is very good, I liked it a lot, told Prensa Latina Caracas’ resident Nelida Ramirez -a woman of about 60 years- at the exit of the cinema.

‘I do not know why it reminds me in some aspects another great Cuban film Strawberry and Chocolate, since both treated very hard issues, but with a special sensitivity’ she added.

She was also surprised when she learned that Yotuel Romero, who embodies the role of boxer Horacio, is not a professional actor, but a singer.

A young couple holding hands also commented their impressions: it has won many awards and it moves you, they declared.

Maybe the wishes of the film’s director Pavel Giroud are not so far from becoming true, since he revealed to Prensa Latina his desire to find here a favorable public, especially due to the cultural affinity between Venezuela and Cuba.

As he stated via email, the premiere in Venezuela is very emotional ‘because it will be shown for the first time in that territory as part of a sample with the elite of Latin American cinema in the last two years.’

After the projections in the 9th Latin American Film Festival in Venezuela- Giroud added- I understand that it will continue to be shown in several rooms as part of the commercial programming.

This is the biggest challenge of the productions of our region: competing with Hollywood’s blockbusters and their great power of seduction in the audience, he pointed out.

The film The Companion addresses a time and a topic rarely dealt with in Cuban cinematography, since Giroud wanted to bring to life some of the stories of sanatoriums for HIV / AIDS patients when it the disease began to be treated in the Caribbean island.

This feature film is the proposal of Cuba to compete for the coming Goya and Oscar awards.

Meanwhile, these days, not only seduces viewers in Caracas and Havana: in his world tour, the picture also won the favor of the audience and won the audience award at festivals in Malaga, Miami and Toulouse. In addition to the award for Best Screenplay at the Havana Film Festival in New York.

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