Cuban Farmers Discuss Meeting Goals of Congress

Havana.- The President of the Small Farmers Association (ANAP), Rafael Santiesteban reiterated on Wednesday in Las Tunas the need to comply with the objectives of the 11th ANAP Congress during a meeting in that eastern city.

Santiesteban said that although they have advanced in the 18 month after the congress, there is still much more to be done and the ANAP must work harder at the base, increase in membership and train the younger generation.

He highlighted the Calixto Sarduey Agro Production and Niceto Perez Credits and Services cooperatives that have followed up to the agreements of the 11th Congress, an example that must be taken on by the rest of the production entities.

The ANAP President said that in order to increase productivity, we must individually talk to those that cultivate the land, define their commitment and analyze their duties and rights. Santiesteban added that the base organization and the board of directors do not depend on each other because they both have different tasks but do have the same objectives which is to increase production.

The issues discussed in the meeting were strengthening the quality of all of the activities developed by ANAP, confronting illegalities, control of transportation and making sure the social objective of the cooperatives is carried out.

Similar meetings are underway by the National Bureau of the Small Farmers Association with cooperative workers in all of the country’s provinces. (acn), November 11, 2016

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