Cuban Educational Channels Towards Digital Television

Havana, Jun 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban television channels are about to be changed to digital television and guarantee a flow of production without tape in the structures of the educational channels, stated Ruvisel González, deputy director of Educational Channel 2.

In statements to Cubadebate, the specialist pointed out that the changes planned to optimize the television signal will be carried out after a monetary donation granted by the People’s Republic of China to the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

In a not very extended period, the necessary technological equipment to form the central master of the educational channels and the creation of two high definition studies will be received, which will improve the technical quality of the content that is managed in the media, and should have a favorable impact in programming, he added.

González emphasized that since its conception this investment process has allowed obtaining knowledge in several lines of development, since to achieve digitalization it is necessary to focus not only on technological changes, but also on the structural transformations related to the architecture of the building, the support for the attention to users internally, and the electricity system.

To achieve these goals, the Cuban Television is ready to guarantee a capital reparation in the facilities of the building located on 23rd and P streets, which will allow a better management of the production processes, he assured.

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